Media coverage over the last 2-3 years continues to show significant evidence of China, Russia, Iran, the EU and others expanding their military, diplomatic and economic footprints around the world while we seem to be rapidly isolating ourselves from both our allies and past trading partners. I’m wondering if those in charge in the Administration have/are studying how well this trend has worked for us our other nations historically? Just an observation.

Best, Rusty

Chinese President Signs Deals With Abu Dhabi

There are two articles in today’s OODA Loop that I recommend as of possible interest. “Veterans urge Kremlin to legalize private military companies” and a second on ”┬áRussian Special Forces just practiced invading an island near Finland.” Several weeks ago I forwarded to you an article on the Wagner Group, one of Russia’s private military contractors, who had gotten badly mauled in Syria by USSOF and Kurdish forces.


Kremlin pressed to legalize private military companies
Russian Special Forces Just Practiced Invading an Island